Sunday, July 19, 2015

Why We Hunt

In a world that just seemingly gets weirder and more out of focus by the day, you don't have to look far to find controversy. People are constantly bashing each other for their choices and opinions. Flip on the news and you see liberals and conservatives fighting it out over marriage, guns, climate change, religion and a list of other topics. Heck, you can't even watch a YouTube video or jump on an internet forum without people criticizing one another in the comments. It's easy to get upset, blow things out of proportion, and say things you shouldn't- especially over the internet. This not only makes people judge you, but it also causes them to look down on the groups and hobbies you associate with. If you really want someone to listen to you and understand your point of view you have to stay calm and think before you speak. I don't wanna sound all deep and soulful with this, but I too need to be reminded of this from time to time. Recently, an article came across my Facebook feed titled "I'm Not a Hunter". When I realized the article was put out by Sitka Gear I became intrigued and decided to give it a read.

Sitka Gear

The article was written by Heather Nutting, a well informed non-hunter. Heather did an excellent job of saying the things that many of us struggle to get out when we're asked "How could you kill an innocent animal?" I encourage anyone who reads this post, whether you hunt or not, to give the article a read. It does a great job explaining the important role that hunters play in the conservation of the animals and wild places that we all enjoy.

Sitka Gear- "I'm Not a Hunter"

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