Nowadays there are so many outdoorsmen that have began to utilize social media, blogs, and photojournalism to document their adventures and share their knowledge with viewers. There's tons of good stuff out there, but here are a few links to some of my favorite sites:

Hunting and Fishing:
  • Arizona Wanderings- Follow Ben as he roams throughout the Southwest in search of wild fish on the fly. You'll also find plenty of upland hunting write ups, awesome photography, and in-depth gear reviews.
  • Dirt Roads and Blue Lines- Big browns and picture perfect brook trout from the small streams of Pennsylvania. 
  • Montana Wild- If you're a western sportsman, or a dreamer like me, do yourself a favor and check these guys out. Top notch hunting and fly fishing photography and videography from Big Sky Country. 
  • Stalking the Seam- Insanely good journal documenting hunting and angling in the West. Beautiful photography, awesome write ups, and mouthwatering recipes. 
  • The Silent Pursuit- Follow Steven on his quest to find the mysterious troutalope. Along the way you'll find tons of detailed gear reviews and great write ups on his latest adventures. 
  • The Fiberglass Manifesto- If you have any interest in fiberglass fly rods this blog is a must read. TFM is a great resource for anyone wanting to stay up to date on the latest happenings in the fly fishing industry. Lots of product reviews and a sweet rod loaner program.
  • The Will to Hunt- Will has put together an awesome blog that provides tons of advice and honest gear reviews that I think every bowhunter can appreciate.
  • Rustic Man- "I'm here to re-ignite a desire for the 'rustic' abilities that are drowning into a sea of cubicles and skinny jeans." Everything from hunting tips to gardening, cooking, and raising a family. 
  • Mouthful of Feathers- If you're into upland hunting, this is for you. No gear reviews or how-to's here, just plenty of well-written short stories that will make you want to gas up your truck and point it West.

  • Patrons of the Pit- This is probably the last website any man should visit before lunch. Grilled meat and poetry.

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